We have an affinity for the unique legal issues at the intersection of creativity and technology. We provide legal support to clients across creative industries – from artists, musicians, writers and performers to art dealers, curators, and collectors to galleries, foundations and charities. We also advise art tech entrepreneurs and companies that are revolutionising the processes of creating, promoting, exhibiting and selling art to help them establish meaningful and successful partnerships.

Our legal team has worked with clients that:

  • Establish brand partnerships between innovative brands and leading artists, rights holders and creative industry leaders
  • Run award-winning pottery and ceramics studios
  • Conceptualise innovative multimedia gallery installations
  • Develop bespoke mixed-media interior finishes with cutting-edge visual effects
  • Transform waste and unwanted materials into endlessly recyclable design pieces and furniture
  • Create handmade organic ornaments and jewellery
  • Design digital murals and large-format visual artwork printing
  • Direct immersive art excursions and interactive courses

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