Big Data

As big data continues to drive change in business models and strategic decision-making, businesses are recognising data as a valuable asset while managing ethical concerns and increased regulatory scrutiny. Our legal team advises a range of big data companies-from complex data analysis and modelling to data extraction and migration–helping them leverage the value in big datasets while mitigating risks associated with privacy, automated profiling and algorithmic accountability. We also advocate for the companies developing the latest tools and technology in big data, from deep learning technology to blockchain.

Our legal team has worked with clients that:

  • Uncover conflicts and biases through innovative AI that captures and analyses real-time dialogue information
  • Produce visual data libraries portraying international innovation ecosystems, with real-time tracking, crowdsourcing, and interaction
  • Leverage data modelling and deep learning technology to provide targeted, scalable and intelligent risk detection technology
  • Utilise blockchain and robotic process enablement technologies to optimise and improve core business functions
  • Reduce market data costs and overheads through a cloud-based market data expense optimisation platform
  • Help companies develop data-driven businesses, consulting on data value mapping, data governance, data models and data migration strategies
  • Support strategic decision-making in business, defence, security, intelligence and international affairs through risk analysis, data extraction and capability-building
  • Provide IT services for enterprise architecture and big data

Big Data Insights

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