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We are passionate about supporting businesses that are bettering the world through sustainable food products and services. Our legal team advises companies across the food and beverage industry, from restaurants and pubs to FMCG growers, producers and manufacturers. We also advise the food tech and agritech innovators modernising food supply and dining, from sustainable packagers and food waste minimisers to the creators of unconventional dining experiences and the tech that brings them to life.

Our legal team has worked with clients that:

  • Curate interactive food experiences through packaging branded food and beverage products with classes and events from chefs and mixologists
  • Run ethically focused farms for sustainable food production
  • Deliver same-day customised menu items from Michelin-starred chefs to office lunches and corporate events
  • Help dining spaces create crowd-drawing statement walls
  • Provide award-winning ethically traded coffee in 100% compostable coffee pods
  • Simplify private dining experiences through a home chef booking platform
  • Develop natural food and beverage products that enhance brain and bodily functions
  • Source ingredients from native herbalists and natural reserves
  • Produce plant-based packaged snacks that support the farmers who grow them
  • Serve spice-forward Indian street food made from authentic ingredients
  • Create luxury confectionaries and coffees
  • Modernise restaurant loyalty programs with digital discount card platforms
  • Produce handcrafted sauces and marinades that support global malnutrition initiatives
  • Craft authentic soda based on natural ingredients

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