Our legal team has an affinity for helping the hospitality industry bring the world closer together. We advise wellness, leisure, travel and accommodation service providers large and small, as well as the wide range of businesses in the tourism industry. We also support the innovators in travel and hospitality that are revolutionising the business of experiences, from modernising booking processes to using virtual reality to help explore the world.w

Our legal team has worked with clients that:

  • Deliver hotels meaningful feedback and analytics from undercover guests with pre-vetted luxury hotel experience
  • Facilitate conference and event planning through a tech-powered hotel and venue booking platform
  • Develop online interactive guided tours through the latest mobile, augmented reality and virtual reality technology
  • Streamline travel insurance through a comprehensive mobile platform offering transparent policies, customisable cover and easy claim submission
  • Inspire travel lovers through a travel pinboard platform for creating and sharing travel plans
  • Guide bespoke photography tours for immersive experiences in the best shooting locations
  • Connect consumers with sunbed and beach activity providers through an advance-booking marketplace and mobile application
  • Simplify vacation research and comparisons through a cruise package aggregation and search platform
  • Curate travel packages through modern travel agencies and consultancies
  • Redefine how travel businesses engage with their customers and reshaping how they capture revenue
  • Run a private members health and wellbeing club in London

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