We advise businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the sports and gaming industries, ranging from talent and clubs to agents and managers. We also support innovators at the forefront of sports tech, e-sports and gaming, including video gaming, competitions and prize draws, virtual and augmented reality and emerging forms of interactive entertainment.

Our legal team has worked with clients that:

  • Facilitate player transfers through an online platform connecting professional clubs, players and intermediaries
  • Create sports communities through a mobile application that enables players to build and manage recreational teams at matches
  • Provide a marketplace for adventure sport courses, instructors and equipment
  • Curate playing environments through creating innovative equipment and facilitating recreational bookings for facilities and concessions
  • Pioneer gaming as a service through unique gaming events for public venues and private residential gatherings
  • Digitise collectable cards and trading card games and providing an online platform for gameplay
  • Develop tech-powered competitions and prize draws

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