Our approach to commercial solutions is tailored to the specific commercial and legal risks of each transaction, as well as the unique value drivers and incentives of each party. We begin each commercial project with no preconceived notion as to the ‘right way’ to structure a deal, but rather with a pragmatic, flexible approach that focuses on your goals and objectives.

We support our clients through every stage of commercial arrangements, from drafting and negotiating to maintaining commercial relationships and adapting them to evolving business needs. We help clients with a broad range of commercial transactions, including development, manufacturing, supply, service, agency, distribution, collaboration, franchising and outsourcing.

Our legal team has helped clients to:

  • Structure terms for complex multi-tier resale and distribution agreements, including for software, goods and services
  • Draft software development agreements for mobile applications, web applications and SaaS platforms
  • Negotiate with global brands, prominent API providers and multinational corporations
  • Prepare e-commerce terms for both consumer products and large-scale B2B made-to-order goods
  • Structure multi-faceted manufacturing agreements, including product and packaging specifications, production methods and service levels
  • Draft service terms for consultancies, marketplaces, SaaS providers and full-scale platforms, including managed services for corporate end-users
  • Prepare affiliate marketing agreements for both goods and services, including licencing of physical and digital marketing assets
  • Structure collaboration, commission and revenue-share agreements

Commercial Insights

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