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We are a modern law firm supporting global innovators
across technology sectors and beyond.

About Us - Linkilaw Solicitors

Founded by two brave women in the midst of the pandemic, we understand the challenges of starting and growing your business.

We admire the resilience and creativity of our clients and partners who – just like you – continue in these unprecedented times to create fresh ideas, venture into new markets, raise capital and turn challenges into opportunities. We are here for you. In good and bad times, you can count on us as your trusted legal partner.

We embrace what the legal industry has traditionally resisted – transparency, efficiency, innovation and disruption. We are laser-focused on streamlining our operations and utilising legal technology to create value for our clients. But for us, technology is a means, not an end. We remain strong believers in expert legal advice and the human mind.

Our firm is founded on strong and flexible partnerships with legal experts across our core practice areas and jurisdictions allowing us to deliver high-quality legal service while keeping rates at bay.

The vast majority of our clients are tech entrepreneurs. We have a deep understanding of the ecosystem in which they operate and support those who drive positive change. Our mission is to enable high-growth and value-driven businesses to surpass the competition and achieve their goals by making legal services more customer-centric, accessible and effective.

We support those who drive positive change. Whether it’s big things like teaming up with eco-friendly businesses, or little things like making our day-to-day choices a bit more sustainable, we strive to improve the world we live in.

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