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Our technology-focused practice keeps us at the forefront of the developments accelerating innovation in the healthcare ecosystem, from AI and machine learning to predictive analytics. We act as a strategic legal partner to companies developing medical devices, wellness equipment and healthcare services, as well as medtech and health tech companies that are improving public health, developing preventive healthcare, advancing diagnostics and finding cures.

Our legal team has worked with clients that:

  • Develop biosensor devices and technology to measure, test and detect the molecular composition of chemical and biological substances
  • Provide a tech-powered prescription platform that digitises medication records and communications with pharmacies
  • Improve the wellbeing of cancer patients through a platform for tracking symptoms and suggesting relevant symptom-management products
  • Treat early-onset dementia through hardware that monitors, analyses and sends neurofeedback to a reactive cognitive therapy platform
  • Combine cutting-edge clinical lab testing, biochemistry research and behavioural psychology to create a comprehensive functional medicine practice
  • Personalise cancer treatments through digitising patient tumour networks for robotics-powered large-scale evaluation of potentially effective drugs
  • Design neurofeedback training programmes to treat depression and anxiety disorders
  • Deliver award-winning speech therapy tools through mobile therapy technology and telehealth sessions
  • Empower cardiac patients through AI-powered ECG monitors

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