We support businesses at the forefront of entertainment and storytelling, whether through traditional media and PR or adtech, digital marketing and innovative campaign strategies. We also advocate for the disruptors in the media industry, from streaming services and content aggregators to analytics providers and targeting tools.

Our legal team has worked with clients that:

  • Enable brands to create collaborative videos with employees, customers and fans
  • Improve engagement and reducing churn through integrated UI design
  • Aggregate social media content creating customised feeds for brand advertising and marketing
  • Increase conversion rates through search and social pay-per-click advertising strategies
  • Create and optimise interactive digital products and content
  • Facilitate ethical ticketing sales to support charities throughout the world
  • Help companies promote B2B products and services through influencer partnerships and social media marketing
  • Connect journalists to emerging technology companies to facilitate public relations
  • Represent brands, agencies and events in procuring talent and influence’s for global and local activations
  • Produce consumer-focused videos that simplify complex products and increase customer engagement
  • Integrate branded content production, digital campaigns and paid social
  • Provide a tech-powered influencer relationship management platform
  • Crowdsource event content and videos to create unique digital memories
  • Offer online catalogues and market places for of professional film, television and digital media equipment
  • Publish the world’s leading health and environmental media and entertainment platform

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